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Basic accounting training tailored to you
Basic accounting
training tailored
to you

Although Saleslog does not require any specialized accounting knowledge, you may need to understand in more depth what the figures in your reports mean for your business. Through our free quarterly Basic Accounting webinars, we help to breakdown these figures very simply.

That's not all. We provide support to our subscribers through the Saleslog Business Community on WhatsApp where they receive useful business tips, exclusive offers, free digital marketing consultation, and much more.

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saleslog reports on mobile
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Managing your inventory

To help reduce the effects of inventory mis-management, Saleslog gives you complete and granular control of how staff can handle your stock. This means you can give them permissions based on what you'd like to achieve with your items.

Saleslog's inventory management system is simple yet robust enough to meet most stock-handling requirements. However, there might be instances where you may need to manage stock at an enterprise level and for that, we have different but specialized inventory management applications: Pharmacy Plus and AstuutRFI Merchant.

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Saleslog for financial institutions, investors and lenders

Saleslog comes with limitless potentials to the financial industry. Some of its use cases include:

Providing a way to credit-check businesses before committing investment. A business owner only needs to grant the investor/lender "View only" access which will then automatically give the financier access to daily reports and business expenses.

The simplicity of Saleslog reports makes it a tool for accurately predicting business profitability within 1-3 months of use.

Saleslog is inexpensive yet powerful. With a really low learning curve, no training or special equipment is required therefore making it a suitable recommendation to as many potential loan applicants as possible.

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